Preferred Property Program® is a Risk Purchasing Group located in Holmdel, NJ and a wholly own and operated subsidiary of JGS Insurance

Our primary focus is to provide comprehensive coverage for Residential Associations & Lessors Risk types of risks, combined with exceptional service. We offer various specialty products to help you provide your insureds with comprehensive coverage at an affordable price.

During the past 20 years our Risk Purchasing Group developed a broad Umbrella product currently written through Greenwich Insurance Company, an AXA/XL company. We offer limits of $5M, $10M, $15M and $25M, with an additional $25M excess of $25M through Chubb Insurance for a total of $50M in available limits. We also offer Low Limit Umbrellas through Chubb Insurance Group with limits ranging from $1M to $5M. Our other offerings include Environmental Impairment Liability, Cyber Liability, Directors and Officers Liability, Package policies and Workers Compensation with or without payroll. All designed to serve the needs of your habitational (Condominiums, HOAs, POAs, PUDs, Commercial Condo, Cooperative Apartments, Apartments) and Commercial (LRO) customers.