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Low Limit Umbrella Product for Community Associations are now available through JGS Insurance.

We have developed a Low Limit Umbrella Liability program underwritten through JGS and issued through Chubb Group of Insurance Companies. We have Umbrella policies available in limits of $1 Million through $5 Million excess of GL, Auto, Employers Legal Liability and Directors and Officers policies.

  • The financial security of Chubb Group of Insurance Companies receives consistently high ratings for financial strength from A.M. Best, Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s, the leading independent analysts for the insurance industry.
  • Coverage A of the form is an absolute following form umbrella which means the umbrella policy will follow the underlying package. It will rely on the definitions used in the underlying; if coverage exists there it will be covered under this policy as well (unless the policy contains a specific exclusion).
  • Developer Sponsored Boards are Eligible!
  • High Rise Associations are eligible by referral.
  • Excess of Directors & Officers, General Liability, Automobile, Employee Benefits, Employers Liability

Minimum Underlying Insurance Requirements:

Best’s Rating A-VI or better; Otherwise Refer to Company

General Liability:
$1,000,000 Per Occurrence
$1,000,000 Personal & Advertising Injury
$1,000,000 Products/Completed
$2,000,000 General Aggregate Per Location
$1,000,000 Auto Liability BI/PD Combined Limit for all autos
Employers Liability:
All States
$500,000 Each Accident
$500,000 Each Disease/Employee
$500,000 Each Disease Policy Limit
Directors & Officers:
$1,000,000 Per Occurrence and Aggregate
Employee Benefit Liability:
$1,000,000 Per Occurrence and Aggregate

Program Highlights:

  • Individual Policies Issued by Chubb Group of Insurance Companies to run concurrent with the Underlying GL policies.
  • Following Form Named Insured
  • Following Form General Liability
  • Following Form Directors & Officers Liability
  • Following Form Automobile
  • Following Form Employers Liability
  • Absolute Pollution Exclusion
  • Following Form Employee Benefits Liability
  • Following Form Personal Injury
  • Following Form Aggregate Per Location where applicable
  • No Self Insured Retention, unless required by statute

The following endorsements will be attached to the policy*:

  • Pollution Exclusion
  • Employment Related Practices Coverage A&B Exclusion
  • Personal Injury/Discrimination Definition – Coverage B
  • Defense within Limits Notice (Follow form D & O within or without)
  • Professional Services Exclusion – Coverage B
  • Extended Reporting Period Endorsement
  • Employers Liability Limitation Endorsement – Coverage A&B
  • Care, Custody or Control Exclusion – Coverage A&B: Real & Personal Property
  • Biological Agents Exclusion
  • Terrorism Exclusion – Coverage B
  • Lead Exclusion – Coverage A&B
  • Total Abuse or Molestation Exclusion

In order to bind coverage, we will need a copy of the general liability binder or quote letter listing all endorsements that will be attached to the policy; including the acceptance or rejection of terrorism coverage and a signed application. Upon receipt of same, we will amend our endorsements if necessary.


Our members range from small start up associations to large multi-thousand unit complexes. New Construction, associations currently under development, builder/developer controlled associations, established associations, Homeowners Associations and Planned Unit Developments are all eligible for coverage under the program.

With low minimum premiums of $500.

No matter what your size, Preferred Property Program® together with JGS is your choice of quality insurance protection at competitive prices.

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