Association Funding

By Ross Rutman, Assistant Vice President – Habitational Is your Association properly funded? Most likely it is not! Funding Community Association operations is the most vital responsibility of every Association Board, yet so many Associations...

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That Sunny August Day That Changed My Life

By Ryan Hager, Assistant Vice President – Commercial Lines It was your typical Florida morning in the month of August. It was so hot and humid that when you left the safety of the air-conditioned...

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Atypical Umbrella Claims

By Ken Hager, COO Do You Have Enough “Sleep Insurance”? I am often asked what is the proper insurance limit a company should purchase: $1,000,000? $5,000,000? $10,000,000? Or perhaps no umbrella at all? What do...

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Meeting Minutes: The Most Important Minute of the Day

By Ross Rutman, Marketing/Producer Community association board meetings—(where important homeowner matters are discussed and decisions are made)—contribute to the success of community associations. Since board meetings result in significant decisions that impact community members, it...

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Leading a Multigenerational Workplace

By Ross E. Rutman, Assistant Vice President – Habitational What can we expect from the American generations currently in the US workforce? There is a serious problem in the workplace and it has nothing to...

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JGS Insurance Selected as a Finalist for NJBIZ 2017 Business of the Year Award

JGS Insurance, a market leading New Jersey insurance agency, announced today that it has been named a Top 100 Property/Casualty Agency by Insurance Journal. The Top 100 list is ranked by total property/casualty agency revenue...

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JGS’ New Location at Bell Works

By Ken Hager, COO In August of 1969, our family moved to Holmdel and set up roots that went deep into our hearts and souls. Our father, Sam Hager, had been working for JGS Insurance...

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Why EPLI is Crucial to Your Business

Is your company covered by Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI)? If not, you might want to consider it. Over the past twenty years, the number of employment-based lawsuits has increased as employee awareness of fair...

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Peace of Mind Is Priceless

By Bernie Cosentino, Vice President – Habitational Insuring Your Condominium Or Co-op Apartment When it comes to insuring your condominium unit or co-op apartment, just having a “piece of the rock” may not be enough....

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Empower Your Passion

By Ken Hager, COO Preparation, Preparation, Preparation Passion is an intense emotion or a very strong feeling about a person or thing or a positive affinity towards a subject. Anyone who knows me knows I...

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Workers’ Compensation 101

How many times have you heard someone say “Workers’ compensation rates are the rates” and you can’t change the pricing? Well, fortunately that is not accurate and there are a variety of ways for you...

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Does YOUR Website Impact YOUR Insurability?

In today’s business world, your website is your calling card. Your customers depend on it to inform themselves about your business and make the critical decision of whether or not to pursue your services. But...

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